Prestige Diamonds and Jewelry is incredibly proud to be the only store in the Northwest to offer Crafted by Infinity diamonds.
The Crafted by Infinity diamonds are superior in quality, pedigree, performance and value. They surpass all other known diamonds in the world. They exceed all laboratory systems which is just one reason leaders in the scientific and diamond grading communities have chosen Crafted by Infinity diamonds for their loved ones.

By creating a completely controlled channel from start to finish, Founder and Managing Director Paul Sleger from Antwerp, Belgium has successfully created the opportunity for you to feel completely confident and fearless about purchasing a Crafted by Infinity diamond.

It starts with hand selecting the finest crystals. These diamonds have no undisclosed over-florescence or haze, no microscopic brown or green tint, no strain, durability or cleavage issues, no exceptions, and no outliers. For every diamond produced by Crafted by Infinity they have rejected hundreds of starting crystals. This ensures the cleanest material, which in turns supports Paul Sleger's exceptionally high quality standards and protects clients and ensures value.

The next step is cutting the diamond with micro-precision and fine tuning. The Crafted by Infinity standards reach the supreme pinnacle of diamond performance. Every Crafted by Infinity diamond exceeds all laboratory systems standards and stands ahead of the industry.

Each diamond has the AGS (American Gem Society) Ideal light performance grade, putting it high inside the top 1% of all diamond cut quality. No other cutters boast as strict and abundant proof of high performance as Crafted by Infinity. Nothing performs better in all light conditions. The astonishing edge to edge brightness, bigger, bolder bursts of fire and crisper pops to the scintillation are scientific realities.

Every Crafted by Infinity diamond has been laser-inscribed with its American Gem Society Laboratories report number on it. Crafted by Infinity diamond owners also receive a proprietary AGSL Platinum Grading Report imprinted with the trademarked Crafted by Infinity logo. A lost diamond can be traced back to us through its number. More importantly, the proprietary AGSL report with the Infinity logo, provided to your jewelry insurer, ensures a dual layer of protection and comfort in the unfortunate case of loss or damage to your diamond.

The limited collection of breathtaking diamonds are available only through a private network of highly regarded jewelers. Prestige Diamonds and Jewelry is the ONLY jewelry store in the Northwest that sells Crafted by Infinity. We also have the ability to request the cutters at Crafted by Infinity, in Belgium, to cut your diamond to order.

Comparing a Crafted by Infinity diamond to any Hearts on Fire, Tiffany or Cartier is where the Crafted by Infinity diamond's value really excels. Crafted by Infinity diamonds sell for 30-50% less, YET deliver a superior performance and a personalized package.

Crafted by Infinity provides manufacturer's guarantee of lifetime trade-up options.

We also offer something we know of no other company who offers the opportunity to meet the cutter. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn the personal history, details and timeline of your diamond's crafting.

Were you aware that millions of diamonds are afflicted by issues that no grading report discloses? Or that commercial sellers and internet search lists are littered with diamond having these issues?

Whereas, Crafted by Infinity offers:
*Conflict free Guarantee: In accordance with the United Nations Kimberley Process, Belgian Federal AML compliance, the United States Clean Diamonds Act and the voluntary JVC-USA Patriot Act Compliance Program in cooperation with legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict.

*Crafted by Infinity diamonds guaranteed to be conflict free based on personal knowledge and/or written guarantees with partners who share a kindred commitment to humanitarian rights and "green" practices,

You can feel good about expressing your love through a Crafted by Infinity diamond.